Reed's Ruminations

Random musings on the future of technology, science policy and society.
Sat Mar 3

NITRD Plus Twenty

A few thoughts on the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) program:

Fri Feb 10
Sun Jan 29

Thoughts on Technology Futures

Predicting the future, challenges and opportunities:

Thu Jan 12

Data Sustainability and Preservation

Research data preservation and interoperation are key to the future:

Wed Jan 4
Tue Mar 2
Thu Jan 14

Post-WIMP Interfaces

Some thoughts on lifting intellectual iron and creating new, anticipatory natural user interfaces (NUIs)

Wed Dec 23
Tue Dec 22

Technology Strategy and Policy

A bit of professional (personal) news.

Wed Nov 25

Reflections on SC09

Another supercomputing conference has come and gone, with some interesting highlights.